$125/ HR

2 Movers + Truck

Recommended for apartments and condos.


$160/ HR

3 Movers + Truck

More muscle to get your move done as quickly as possible.


$195/ HR

4 Movers + Truck

Enough said.

Our congenial, competent and qualified team are always well-prepared to move your goods and protect your home.

We use floor mats to protect carpets and wood floors. We have essential insurance coverage. We provide dollies, furniture pads, wardrobe boxes, ropes, and shrinkwrap.  We bring tools for furniture disassembly and the removal of doors, where required.

Want More? We do not charge travel time - that means no gas surcharge and no additional billable hours to and from our warehouse. Really.

Our flat hourly rate is guaranteed regardless of the time of day or month. Customers are charged by the quarter-hour from the time our team arrives until the job is done.

This means that if your move takes 3 hours and 24 minutes, Brilliant Move Inc. will not charge you for 4 hours and 30 minutes because of travel time from our warehouse, we will only charge you for 3 hours and 30 minutes – it’s that simple. A two hour minimum charge applies.

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(647) 769 7767