I’m moving next week. Is it ok for me to just do it myself with the help of a few friends and hope that everything goes smoothly?
No, hire us. Movers are trained professionals.
Do you have any hidden fees?
What form of payment do you accept?
Email Money Transfer, Cheque or Cash.
Do your prices change on the weekends?
Brilliant Move Inc. does not charge different rates for different days, as we offer upfront pricing every day of the year.
Will my furniture be protected?
Your furniture will be protected with blankets and shrink wrap where necessary. Your belongings are secure, no need to worry.
Is there a travel fee for us to get to your move location pickup and back to our office after the drop, or gas fees to and from the jobs?
What if we break your stuff?
Industry practice is to pay $.60 per pound for damaged items. We reserve the right to repair items.
What happens if my home is damaged during the move?
We will fix cosmetic damage.
Do you move in the rain/snow? If so how do you protect my items?
Yes, we move in all moderate weather conditions. All items will be covered by moving pads or shrink wrap.
Do you protect my hardwood floors, carpet, or tile?
We roll out the red floor mats to protect your floors.
What size is your truck?
We provide as many 16’ cube trucks as you need.
What happens if all of my items don’t fit on one truck?
Our trained agents will determine how many trucks your move will need. If we need to bring more trucks on your move day, there will be no extra charge.
Do you provide fixed rate quotes?
Yes, we can provide a fixed rate quote if you opt to provide us with a detailed list of items.
What time am I charged for?
Your time starts when you initially sign the move order upon our arrival. It finishes when you sign the move order again at the conclusion of the move.
Can you move plants?
Yes, but plants can be tricky to move so we recommend that you move them ahead of time so they don't get damaged.
Can you move boxes with no lids on them?
We request that all boxes be covered.
How is my furniture protected when you move it?
We use shoulder harness straps and padded dollies to help prevent any damage to large furniture items. Where necessary the Brilliant Move Inc. team will wrap your items before we move them to further protect them from damage.
Do you hire day labourers or do you have your own employees?
Brilliant Move Inc. uses only our own team, who are thoroughly trained. Brilliant Movers are awe inspiring!
Will you disassemble and reassemble my bed?
We will disassemble and reassemble standard beds. Custom beds should be disassembled ahead of time.
What won’t you transport?
Heavy Safes, flammable items, explosives, guns, ammo, animals.

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