About Brilliant Move Inc.

Brilliant Move Inc. helps people transition from one home to another. Our service involves more than loading and unloading a truck – we facilitate moments of major upheaval in people’s lives. Our company name, Brilliant Move Inc. speaks directly to the customer experience we aim to provide. We want to impress our customers with rational troubleshooting, safe and efficient practices and a positive outlook. Our mission is to make moving seem easy.

The Three Pillars


Surprises on moving day are not fun. So at Brilliant Move Inc. we plan for just about everything. We make sure that our team is in regular communication with clients and that our movers arrive on time. And it does not stop there - we also provide honest, direct and accurate information with regard to the cost of your move and the amount of time your move will take.


We take care of your belongings when they are in our possession and we never lose sight of that. Making sure your belongings arrive at your new home in the condition that they left your old one is always at the front of our minds.


Everyone on our team knows that moving is stressful and that being organized, knowledgeable, friendly, and safe goes a long way. So we cultivate and promote a professional atmosphere that makes going the extra mile for our clientele easy.

Who We are

Joe Callaghan



Friendly Ben Hahn graduated from the University of Calgary’s law school in 2009 and was called to the Ontario Bar in 2010. A lawyer by trade, Ben brings three years of property management experience and over 10 years customer service experience to Brilliant Move Inc.Ben hails from Cabbagetown and Toronto is his playground. He is an active member of Toronto’s chess and art communities, a cowboy, and a proud citizen of Toronto, knowing virtually every street in the city from having strolled them at one time or another. Ben’s pragmatic, lawyerly side is balanced by a healthy taste for the adventurous—be it trekking across Eurasia on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, climbing a tree, or exploring culinary arts in Toronto’s most interesting kitchens.Always open to new challenges and experiences, Ben was approached by his oldest friend Joe for his next adventure: start a moving company in Toronto. He immediately warmed to the idea. While working in property management he had observed many moves and noticed that this was an industry that had a lot of room for improvement. Furthermore, in his practice of law he had encountered several cases involving moving companies. Ben has always felt an appreciation for blue collar work and small businesses in general, so he felt certain that this would be a successful and rewarding project. It reminded him of Bobby Fischer’s famous Nd4 against Boris Spassky in the 1972 World Chess Championship match. This too would be a brilliant move.

Ben Hahn


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